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Magazine - ' Dog World ', Summer Issue 1946
'Summer Number' magazine published by "Dog World" in 1946.
Softback magazine with 64 pages. It mainly includes kennel adverts (with numerous black & white photographs), but there are also a few feature articles.

The cover and all pages are complete. The cover has a bit of wear around the edges and a few small creases. Inner pages are all in good condition.

Feature Articles include :
'The Victory March of British Bred Dogs', by Thomas Corbett
'The Dog in Prose and Poetry', by Wm.A.Christie

Main Kennel Adverts include the following Breeds:
Afghan Hound, Airedale Terrier(2), Alsatian [German Shepherd Dog](8), Bedlington Terrier, Borzoi(4), Boxer(3), Bulldog(3), Bull Terrier(3), Cairn Terrier(2), Chow Chow(2), Rough Collie(2), Dachshund(4), Dalmatian(2), Dandie Dinmont Terrier(2), Elkhound, Finnish Spitz, Flat-Coat Retriever, Smooth Fox Terrier(3), Wire Fox Terrier(11), Great Dane(4), Greyhound, Griffon Bruxellois(2), Irish Terrier, Irish Wolfhound, Keeshond, King Charles Spaniel(2), Lakeland Terrier, Old English Sheepdog, Pekingese(4), Pomeranian(8), Poodle(2), Pyrenean Mountain Dog(2), Labrador Retriever, St.Bernard(2), Samoyed, Scottish Terrier(7), Sealyham Terrier(6), Shetland Sheepdog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Setter, Irish Setter(2), Cocker Spaniel(24), English Springer Spaniel(5), Pembroke Corgi(3), West Highland White Terrier, Whippet, Yorkshire Terrier.

Kennel Names featured include :
Wiggin, Stainburndorf, Dobrudden, Crackley, Tescot, Desert, Tavellos, Denes, Nornay, Bramblings, Conygar, Leymor, Of Morrell, Tyneland, Seaburn, Coolafin, Lees, Buttsbury, Silvernia, Rin-Zan, Milngavie, Winome, Glenview, Dalric, Koyadene, Tandlehill, Beldon, Templefields, Auchlinn, Childwall, Sarum, Westonian, Yew Tree, Casfala, Walcot, Highmore, Deldon, Oldwill, Wilarnbern, Wittonville, Deancourt, Delwood, Ardsdown, Holmbush, Kuban, Norlan, de Harfleur, Elfann, Stanford, Naseby, Mulgeeth, Glenelg, Suncroft, Riverleigh, Lovejoy, Deneland, Hadleigh, Brimmicroft, Coneygreave, Foxdenton, Grange Park, Fleeting, Exevale, Ranscombe, Beldene, Ambergris, Hartsbourne, Bbormot, Westwind, Brynful, Bellmead, Sulphurite, Toytown, Chungking, Carnfield, Bridle, Isk, Of the Shieling, Joyvalley, Kavani, Slaveen, Cadno, Alfristan, Corvedell, Barnaigh, Grenville, Manderfield, Northmarsh, Rychmonde, Esquimalt, Russetone, Rural, Great Westwood, Motto's, Carriageway, Martinsthorpe, Willowdene, Glenpark, Belldale, Kynance, Tanyastock, Michelcombe, Sundawn, Lyneve, Foxington, Walsing, Mountwilliam, Glen Toy, Ventmoor, Mardyke, Threejeys, Oakdale, Welfield, Gracechurch, Whinlatter, Lalarookh, Ormandy, de Fontenay.
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