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Magazine - ' Dog World ', Christmas Annual 1963
Christmas Annual magazine published by "Dog World" in 1963.
Softback magazine with approximately 390 pages, including many kennel adverts, reviews and other articles, hundreds of black & white photographs, etc. In overall good condition, all pages present, including good front & rear covers, tight spine, etc.

Breeds & number of adverts listed in the index are:
Afghan Hound(11), Airedale Terrier(7), Alsatian [German Shepherd Dog](26), Australian Terrier(1), Basenji(5), Basset Hound(10), Beagle(26), Bedlington Terrier(5), Bloodhound(1), Border Terrier(3), Borzoi(5), Boston Terrier(10), Boxer(21), Bulldog(6), Bullmastiff(9), Bull Terrier(5), Cairn Terrier(10), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel(15), Chihuahua(34), Chow Chow(12), Bearded Collie(4), Rough Collie(15), Smooth Collie(4), Dachshund(38), Dalmatian(10), Dandie Dinmont Terrier(9), Deerhound(1), Dobermann(6), Elkhound(6), English Toy Terrier(5), Finnish Spitz(1), Smooth Fox Terrier(9), Wire Fox Terrier(14), French Bulldog(2), Great Dane(11), Greyhound(5), Griffon Bruxellois(10), Irish Terrier(3), Irish Wolfhound(3), Italian Greyhound(9), Jack Russell Terrier(1), Japanese Spaniel [Japanese Chin](3), Keeshond(7), Kerry Blue Terrier(4), King Charles Spaniel(12), Lakeland Terrier(4), Lhasa Apso(2), Maltese(6), Manchester Terrier(3), Mastiff(1), Mexican Hairless(2), Norwegian Buhund(1), Norwich Terrier(5), Old English Sheepdog(10), Papillon(17), Pekingese(70), Miniature Pinscher(4), Pointer(4), Pomeranian(5), Poodle(147), Pug(14), Pyrenean Mountain Dog(3), Curly-Coated Retriever(1), Flat-Coat Retriever(4), Golden Retriever(14), Labrador Retriever(17), Rhodesian Ridgeback(2), Rottweiler(3), St.Bernard(5), Saluki(9), Samoyed(4), Schipperke(2), Miniature Schnauzer(11), Scottish Terrier(5), Sealyham Terrier(9), English Setter(7), Gordon Setter(1), Irish Setter(4), Shetland Sheepdog(39), Shih Tzu(19), Skye Terrier(1), Clumber Spaniel(1), Cocker Spaniel(41), English Springer Spaniel(12), Sussex Spaniel(1), Welsh Springer Spaniel(3), Staffordshire Bull Terrier(5), Weimaraner(4), Cardigan Corgi(2), Pembroke Corgi(24), Welsh Terrier(7), West Highland White Terrier(7), Whippet(23), Yorkshire Terrier(20).
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