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Setter - Beswick figurine, Model 2986
Beswick figurine of a Setter, Model 2986 from the Spirited Dogs series. 8.5" high, on ceramic plinth, matt black colouration. Designed by Graham Tongue. Issued 1987-1989.
Beswick used this same model in various colours, to represent the three main breeds of Setter - the English Setter (white with black/brown markings), the Irish Setter (deep red brown) and the Gordon Setter (black with tan markings). It was also produced in a bronze colour, all white, or all black. When the Beswick company was taken over by Royal Doulton in 1989, the all white and all black colours ceased production, whilst the other colours continued to be produced by Royal Doulton under the model number of DA109.

This is the all black model, produced for just a short period between 1987-89 and is therefore less common than some of the other model colours. It is in good condition with no chips or cracks, etc.
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