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English Setter - Royal Doulton figurine [ Rare / Mismarked ]
English Setter Royal Doulton figurine, 5.25" high, designed by Frederick Daws. [Painted incorrectly and marked as a 2nd].
This figurine is marked as 2nd quality. It is painted incorrectly as it is almost completely light brown, instead of white with light brown flecking. This may have been caused by a problem in the kiln during the firing process.

It originally had the Royal Doulton stamp marked under one of the feet, but this has been ground off in the factory, leaving only remnants of the stamp at the edges. It has no model number but given that it is light brown, it was probably part of the rare HN2621 range which was produced from 1950-60 and painted as an orange belton.

This figurine is in good condition with no cracks or chips. So, despite the fact that this is classed as 2nd quality, the only defect is the "unusual" paintwork, which makes it unique and gives the appearance of being a very dark orange belton.
Price :   £95.00   plus shipping / postage
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