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About Us

Soberhill Antiques & Collectables is a family business run by Keith & Cherryl Smith in East Yorkshire, England, bringing together a diversity of skills & experience spanning a period of more than 30 years.

Keith's career has been in the Information Technology (IT) industry and together Keith & Cherryl have successfully run a services company, Soberhill Software Services Limited (established 1980).

They have owned, bred and exhibited dogs in the UK since 1973 under the Soberhill affix (English Setters and Field Spaniels). Both are championship show judges of English Setters and have been avid collectors of a wide range of dog-related ceramics, artwork & books for many years.

Anyone engaged in collecting dog-related items will be aware that the biggest challenge is being able to source specific items - especially the less common pieces, or those for breeds which are rarely featured. Soberhill Antiques & Collectables aims to fill that void by bringing together a wide range of antique & vintage collectables for many different breeds and making them available via the internet.

In doing so, our philosophy is one of focussing on Customer Service. We aim to provide an easy-to-use shop window, covering as many breeds as possible. We pride ourselves on our communication - whether you intend to buy or not, we try to answer any questions promptly and accurately. We want you to feel that shopping with us has been a pleasurable experience.